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What is an Accounting Degree?

Are you left yearning for more money whenever you check your bank account? Do you want to learn more about saving money? Would you like to free yourself of worry over money? If you answered yes, an accounting degree is your key. By earning an accounting degree you can possibly work as an accountant at the business or corporation of your choice.

Working as an accountant is more than just bank accounts and numbers—the duties of accountants are vast. You will keep track of business records, make sure taxes are paid on time and to the right amount, and analyze financial information so you can communicate it effectively to your coworkers and clients. With an accounting degree, you may be required to also analyze budgets, plan investments, or be a legal consultant.

Accountants typically work in offices, but many also work at home. Traveling is also an option for accountants who need to perform audits in different locations. Most accountants work a typical 40 hour work week, but during tax season accountants may work longer hours.

How can I get an Accounting Degree?

Accountants must have strong mathematical skills and have precise attention to detail. Computer skills are useful, too, as many business operations are now using automated technology. An accounting degree is not the only certification required to work as an accountant. As you work towards an accounting degree, you will need to file a report with the Securities and Exchange Commission and take a national exam to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Most states require accountants to be licensed to work legally at businesses.

There were around 1.3 million accountant jobs in 2008 and jobs are growing quickly, 22% by 2018. Most accountants make around $60,000 and top performers can make over $100,000.*

Start studying accounting now and learn everything there is to know about keeping track of your money while you make money.


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