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What is an Adult and Higher Education Degree?

Do you feel a strong connection to teaching as a profession, but you just can't align that connection with teaching young students?  Maybe you're not interested in playing baby-sitter while you try to carry out your duties as a teacher. Or maybe you're more interested in sharing knowledge that stimulates intellectual conversations in other adults.  If this is so, majoring in Adult Education may be the answer you've been looking for!

What is Adult Education?

Simply put, Adult Education means just that: educating or training adults.  Adult Education occurs in a variety of settings from a college or university classroom to a corporate setting.  At times, an Adult Educator or Corporate Trainer may work with students individually to provide tailored training.

Adult Education is typically needed for adults to continue learning and refining skills in their career or profession and adult education is sometimes funded by the corporation in which the students work.  Earning a degree in Adult Education builds upon the education and work experience you already have in way that qualifies you to teach these skills to others.  Adult Education is important for working professionals to further their education, but encouragement is sometimes needed from the teacher. 

If you think you're interested in earning a degree in Adult Education, it's important to consider these factors:

Do you love to teach—even your peers?

Do you have strong interpersonal skills?

Do you work well with diverse demographics?

How can I get an Adult and Higher Education Degree?

While earning a degree in Adult Education, the courses you enroll in will inform you on adult growth and development, adult psychology, program planning and lesson plan development.  The courses will also give you the tools you need to create informative, fascinating programs and lectures for your students' learning enjoyment.

Typically, adult learning classes are taught in classrooms at vocational schools, colleges, and universities, but they are occasionally held in office conference rooms if the class is being funded by a business for its employees.

To be successful in Adult Education, you must first have a college degree in the specific area you plan to teach, along with vast knowledge of that particular subject. If you plan on teaching at a community college or university, a Master's Degree in Adult Education or Corporate Training is often required.Coursework that can be expected from an Adult Education degree include:

  • Planning and executing adult education programs
  • Adult education administration
  • Adult education in social context
  • Educational technology and online delivery

As the education bar continues to be raised by the growing number of young adults entering the workforce with a college education, more adults and professionals will be heading back to the classroom for continued education and training to expand on their current skills. Therefore, adult educators will be in demand and the right candidates can take advantage of this growing trend. Enroll in an Adult Education degree program to take the first steps in your pursuit of a satisfying career.

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