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What is an Advertising Degree?

Have you ever wondered why Apple's minimalist advertising is so alluring and where the advertising team draws from to create such effective marketing? Do you have an innate curiosity about everything media-related? If you answered yes to these questions, an Advertising Degree may be the right choice for you!

If competition doesn't scare you, then you are a true candidate for an advertising degree. While employment for advertising and promotions managers is expected to remain static through 2018, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is certainly no chance of a decline in these positions, as advertising is the main source of revenue for almost all media outlets. Advertising in digital media, such as the Internet or Smartphone technology, is expected to generate an increased need for advertising teams and innovative advertising programs.

The long hours invested by individuals in advertising are compensated with high salaries and possible recognition.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that advertising agents generate a promising starting salary of $43,325, with the possibility of earning up to $127,870 annually.  However, advertising earnings vary considerably depending on the level of responsibility, size and location of firm, and education.  With such high-stakes on the line, competition within this field is very high and can add to the level of stress felt by advertising employees.

How can I get an Advertising Degree?

Earning a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising will provide you with a solid foundation of ad design and campaign planning, along with an understanding of how the markets and media work to optimize your advertising results. A degree in Advertising could be earned in a variety of ways. Online degrees in advertising are avaliable, along with traditional degrees. Whichever type of degree suits your lifestyle is the one you should choose. Typical coursework for an advertising degree couples creative and visual marketing training with practical focuses on technology and business applications.Therefore, successful advertising majors are creative communicators who are flexible, highly-motivated, and resilient to stress due to the long hours they dedicate to making that ""perfect"" advertisement.

So, if you're a curious, creative, and witty individual looking for an advantage into a challenging and rewarding career, fill out our form and begin your search for an advertising degree today!

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