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Careers in Alternative Health and Medicine

What is an Alternative Health and Medicine Degree?

Are you a traditional or non-traditional person? Do you believe in healing methods that reach beyond conventional medicine and therapy? A degree in alternative medicine is a different method of therapeutic healing, often with the belief that the body can naturally heal itself or heal with earthy remedies. Alternative medicine is an approach to medicine other then the main stream methods which treat the body as a system and look at symptoms only. Alternative medicine practices look at the spirit, body, and mind for healing. Often alternative medicine is based off of historical and cultural methods that have been used for thousands of years. Some of the traditions of alternative medicine have actually become more main stream now because of the proven benefits.

Some examples of alternative medicine techniques include:

  • Acupuncture: The insertion of needles in the skin dating back to 200 B.C.E. It is said to relieve pain, treat disease, and promote health.
  • Aromatherapy: Use of scents and oils to treat a person. This can be used to treat a variety of things from anxiety to burns. It can also be used for relaxation and to enhance a mood.
  • Art and music therapy: Creating art or music in order to help with anxiety, release of emotions, relaxation, create peace, and provide interaction for between loved ones.
  • Yoga and meditation: Process of deep relaxation through concentration and the stretching and holding of poses. This can be used for de-stressing and relaxation, increased flexibility leading to better general health, and also has psychological benefits.
  • Diet: There are many alternative diet methods to treat any health issue. Weight loss, digestive problems, muscle aches, migraines, heart disease, and many more can be treated. Some examples of the treatment can include a vegetarian diet or the use of herbs.

How can I get an Alternative Health and Medicine Degree?

A degree in alternative medicine is offered at many colleges and universities. There are also alternative medicine certificate programs in specific areas such as yoga or massage therapy. While earning this degree you will take many courses that will prepare you for a career in alternative medicine. These courses include: 

  • Advanced Anatomy and Physiology
  • Organic Chemistry 1 and 2
  • Physics
  • Health Psychology
  • General Studies Courses
  • And more

This degree requires students to be well rounded in all areas. With courses in English, and Speech this degree prepares students to be excellent workers all around. Because the health field requires communication skills as well as scientific skills the coursework included in a alternative medicine degree includes both scientific courses along with general studies.

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