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What is an Animal Care and Veterinary Medicine Degree?

Do you simply adore animals? Have you always owned pets to keep you company? Becoming a veterinarian might be the right move for you to make as a future career. You might be asking yourself, how do I become a veterinarian? Read on to find out.

Veterinarians are animal doctors. They care for pets, livestock, or zoo animals. Should you find employment as a veterinarian, you will be able to treat wounds or broken bones, perform surgery, or medicate a variety of animals. You will also have the possibility to research animal science or protect humans against animal diseases.

Veterinarians work in loud, occasionally dangerous environments. Be forewarned that veterinarians are at risk of being scratched, clawed, bitten, or kicked on a regular basis. If you find employment as a veterinarian, you may have to travel to farms or homes to treat animals at different locations. When performing research, you may be working in a clean laboratory setting. Often, veterinarians work long hours at irregular times. You must be on call for emergencies, should they occur.

To be eligible for employment as a veterinarian, you must go to an accredited veterinarian school and obtain licensure by passing the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam. Many applicants that attend veterinarian school already have a bachelor's degree in another related field. To gain admittance to veterinarian school, you must submit your Graduate Record Examination scores, Veterinary College Admission Test scores, or Medical College Admission Test scores. Keep in mind, competition is high for admittance to veterinarian school.

Opportunities for veterinarians are growing rapidly. The Bureau of Labor Services expects a 33% increase by 2018. Veterinarians on average earn $82,000 annually, and the top earners in the field earn close to $150,000.

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