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What is an Animation Degree?

Do you enjoy drawing and have a natural talent for storytelling? Do you want to turn your doodling into a career? With a degree in animation, you can create realistic character animation and special effects in television shows, movies, video games, and even on web sites! A career in animation is competitive, yet rewarding for individuals with natural, creative talent and a lot of hands-on education in the animation field. High-ranking animation professionals have gained success and achieved their goals by first earning a degree in animation from an animation school.

If you are considering a degree in animation, there are a few skills that successful animation professionals naturally possess that give them a competitive edge over the rest. You may want to review the following list to determine if these qualities sound like you.

  • Natural drawing talent
  • Strong storytelling ability
  • Robust creativity
  • Keen eye for detail
  • Technology savvy

It is very important to be proficient in the creative and technical processes of animation, as those two aspects encompass the main duties for animators. Along with a solid foundation in drawing and color principles, individuals interested in animation should learn 2-D or 3-D illustration and technology design before graduating to digital media training. 2-D illustration is creating frame-by-frame designs by hand and 3-D illustration employs animation software to create realistic animations.

How can I get an Animation Degree?

Since a high-level of technical expertise is required for animation positions, a Bachelor's Degree from an animation school or traditional college or university is necessary for anyone seeking jobs in animation. Coursework for animation degrees include a strong foundation of drawing and rendering; learning the laws of human motion, physics, and psychology; audio and visual production; 3-D animation; and extensive, in-depth knowledge of digital media software. The most popular applications students in animation learn to use are Adobe PhotoShop, SoftImage, Maya, Macromedia Flash, 3D Studio Max, and Adobe After Effects.

The field of animation is highly competitive, as most creative fields are, but the need for animation professionals will grow as consumers demand more realistic video games, movie and television special effects, and 3D animated movies. Additional job openings will emerge as computer graphics in mobile technologies rise, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Animation degree holders can seek positions in computer animation studios, video game companies, or in the corporate world in marketing or media departments. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 60% of animation professionals were self-employed or freelance artists who rack up an average salary of $79,000.

If animation sounds more like a fun hobby than a job to you, fill out our form and find an animation school near you!

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