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What is an Anthropology Degree?

Cultures around the world are incredibly diverse. From the neck-stretching tribes in Africa, to Muslim nations in the Middle East, to American culture; our beliefs and behaviors are unique to each group. Anthropologists study the origin and development of human cultures to better understand society.

When earning a degree in anthropology, you will study cultures from every continent and learn:

  • Why each society succeeded and failed
  • How evolving people and technology come together to form new societies
  • Why societies come into conflict and go to war, among other things
  • ┬áMany other topics in anthropology

With this degree, you can possibly go into a variety of careers in anthropology: research, education, government, law, business, and even medicine. Many anthropology degree holders will become anthropologists with their own specification.

There are many areas to specialize in, but in any specialty an anthropologist's job is to study ancient or modern cultures. You might research the language, economics, politics, religion, or art of a people in order to understand them better. You will be working regular hours in a comfortable office, unless you are traveling to do location-based research, such as living among a secluded tribe in order to learn more about their ways. There are some certifications that employers require, but they vary by specialization.

To do well in this career, you must have good analytical skills. Most of your time will be spent analyzing data and writing papers or memos about what you discover. You must enjoy academia and not be afraid of exploring other cultures and belief systems to be successful as an anthropologist.

Job growth, too, varies by specialization. Overall growth is expected to be very high, 28% by 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Services. Most anthropologists earn close to $54,000 annually, with top earners making $89,000 and above.

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