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What is an Associates Degree?

An associates degree can be a great way to change careers with just a few years' training. A smaller commitment than a bachelors degree, an associates degree can be the beginning of a great new path, and can lead to a later bachelors or masters degree if you choose to pursue it. You can even earn an online associates degree through an online associate degree program!

Some associates degree programs are designed specifically for graduates to enter the workforce immediately following completion of the program, while others are designed to lead to more education. Associates degrees are meant to lead you directly to work are called Associate of Applied Science" or "Occupational" degrees. Their credits may still transfer to a four-year program, though they may qualify you for a job as well.

Other associates degrees are meant to lead to a four-year program. These are called "Associate of Arts" or "Associate of Science" degrees. Associate of Arts degrees can be obtained in many liberal arts areas, like economics, English, or psychology. Associate of Science degrees can be obtained in more science- related fields, sometimes having to do with healthcare. These include nursing and dental hygiene.

How can I get an Associates Degree?

Usually, an associates degree takes two years to complete, and can be a great path toward a rewarding career or more education. Associates degree programs are offered in different formats-you can earn an online associates degree, or you can earn your degree in a classroom during the day, at night, or on weekends. Associate degrees are offered at junior colleges, community colleges, and at four-year institutions as well, so there may be several different places offering associates degrees near you.

So it shouldn't be difficult to find an associates degree that meets your standards for a quality program and accommodates your schedule. Speak to students and faculty in the programs you're considering. An associates degree can be a great way to change careers and explore something new. There are dozens of opportunities an associates degree can lead to.

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