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What is a Beauty and Cosmetology Degree?

Do you enjoy styling anyone's hair you can get your hands on? Is make-up more than an art to you? Earn a degree in cosmetology to turn your hobby into a career! Beauty schools and cosmetology courses will not only teach you how to cut, style, and dye hair; they will teach you a plethora of other beauty tasks. From make-up to nail care, from shampooing to skin care; you'll learn it all as you earn your cosmetology degree.

While enrolled in beauty school, you will have the opportunity to test out the various areas of cosmetology to discover which specialty suits you best. Cosmetology courses consist of practical demonstrations, lectures and examinations. Typically, cosmetology students begin with classroom work in styling, cutting, chemical and color work on manikin parts. The students are allowed the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills by working on clients in the student salon under the constant supervision of professional instructors. The services students provide include: hair cutting, shampooing, rinses, hair styling, hair coloring, highlighting, chemical waving, relaxing, hair removal, manicuring, pedicuring, facials, make-up, scalp or hair treatments and hair pieces. Cosmetology programs can usually be completed in 9 months, and some may even lead to an Associate's degree.

If you find a job in cosmetology, you will be responsible for the satisfaction of your clients. A bad haircut or a burn from hot wax could cost you customers, so it's essential to be a social person who makes few mistakes in order to be a successful cosmetologist. Other attributes of successful cosmetologists include an appreciation of fashion, art, and design; your image and attitude help sell your skills as a make-up artists or hair designer.

Cosmetologists work full-time at 40 hours a week, unless self-employed. Beauty salons are busiest on weekends and evenings, so expect to work them should you find employment as a cosmetologist. Most salons and spas are pleasant environments to work in, plus you will normally receive an employee discount on services. Cosmetologists spend a lot of time on their feet, so be sure you have the stamina required for long hours.

Every state requires cosmetologists to hold a license to be able to work. You are required to graduate from cosmetology school and pass an examination to qualify for a license. Advancement in a career in cosmetology will stem from a growing clientele list and negotiating higher fees.

The Bureau of Labor Services predicts that Cosmetology careers will grow by 20% by 2018. They also report that entry level positions are the fastest growing and that the average cosmetologist makes $22,000, but the best cosmetologists make over $41,000.

Apply to cosmetology school today and learn how to make the world a more beautiful place.

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