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What is a Bilingual Education/ESL Degree?

America is the melting pot of the world, which means that many of our students were raised speaking their parents' native language. These students face an enormous challenge when they enter the school system: they must learn to speak English, juggle the normal amount of school work, and revert to speaking in their native tongue in their home.

To surmount these limitations, bilingual students need teachers who are passionate about aiding the success of bilingual students without losing touch of their native heritage. Will you be among the exceptional bilingual teachers who encourage bilingual students to embrace our language and enhance our society as people enriched with two cultures? Earn a Bilingual Education Degree today and you can answer, ""YES!"" with a Bachelor's Degree in hand.

 Most Bilingual Education teachers work in a school setting, with either their own classroom or a travelling classroom, depending on the number of bilingual students in a school. Some Bilingual Education teachers run classes at night for adult English language learners, but the majority of teachers work normal school hours and have summer break to themselves. The working conditions for Bilingual Education teachers can be stressful at times when students are facing exceptional challenges, but the stress is well worth the reward of sending children into society equipped with the skills to be successful and understood.

How can I get a Bilingual Education/ESL Degree?

Bilingual Education Degree programs are designed to help teacher candidates gain knowledge and skills about the values and customs of other cultures. This knowledge is essential to the success of Bilingual Education candidates when teaching linguistically and culturally diverse students. The coursework for a Bilingual Education program prepares candidates to teach in two languages while incorporating the child's native culture into the learning process. Successful Bilingual Education teacher candidates are committed to continued learning throughout their careers, and they develop highly-effective teaching practices to ensure success for their students. Specific courses Bilingual Education candidates will take include the study of theory, curriculum, second language acquisition and Spanish. Other helpful courses examine theories of learning and human development.

The average salary for Bilingual Education teachers is $39,000, according to However, with continued education and more experience, Bilingual Education teachers can make upwards of $73,000 annually! And that's with your summers off, too!

If you've always been interested in other cultures and languages, this is your opportunity to follow your interests and make a difference in many children's' lives that will last forever. Apply now to earn your Bilingual Education Degree!

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