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What is a Business Administration Degree?

With an economy set in perpetual motion, new challenges in the workplace are presented daily and with every new challenge arises new opportunities.Individuals with a Business Administration degree are equipped with the tools and skill sets required to overcome challenges in the global marketplace.

A Business Administration degree prepares students to work in a number of fields from government to nonprofit sectors by training business professionals to manage all aspects of a business to increase productivity and profitability. Due to the number of career possibilities and advancement opportunities in Business Administration, earning a Business Administration degree is not only a popular choice, but it is also a wise choice for acquiring financial security and success.

Leading benefits of earning a Business Administration degree include the vast number of opportunities available to new graduates, but expect a lot of competition for these high-salaried positions. Most Business Administration degree programs rely heavily on experience gained through internships and previous experience, so Business Administration degree graduates with these credentials have a better chance of landing a job than those without the extra-curricular experience. Having a strong analytical and technical background will also prove beneficial when seeking upper-management Business Administration positions. For entry-level positions, most starting salaries begin above $35,000 with the allure of bonuses and commission, based on performance. Once an entry-level Business Administration position is obtained, there is no limit to the potential earnings a Business Administration degree graduate can achieve through promotions and merit.

How can I get a Business Administration Degree?

There are several Business Administration Degree options available, from an Associate's in Business Administration degree (ABA), a Bachelor's of Business Administration degree (BBA), to the most popular: Master's in Business Administration degree (MBA). Earning an Associate's in Business Administration degree provides students with a foundation of knowledge in management principles, business-oriented technology, and interpersonal skills. However, even most entry-level positions in Business Administration require a minimum of a Bachelor's in Business Administration Degree.

As with most Bachelor Degree programs, a Business Administration Degree can be completed in 4 years and typically includes a specialization in a specific area of Business Administration. Students can expect to learn the basics in business operations with a deep understanding of business ethics, including preparation for operating as a ""green"" business. Furthermore, graduates with a Bachelor's of Business Administration Degree can earn up to double the income of those with an Associate's in Business Administration Degree.

A report released by The Wall Street Journal ranked the starting salary of graduates holding a Master of Business Administration Degree at $92,360 - a very telling reason why earning a Master's Degree in Business Administration is considered a wise investment.  With a Master's in Business Administration degree, graduates possess the tools necessary for entrepreneur endeavors, and advancement opportunities into mid to upper-level management significantly increase.

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