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What is a Chemistry Degree?

Everything is made out of chemicals; people, animals, food, medicine, the Earth—everything. Chemistry is the study of the tiny particles of the world around us that we call chemicals. Those who study chemistry research complex chemicals and use that knowledge to improve existing products or medicines. We call them Chemists.

As a chemist, you will work in research and development. You will work either in basic research or applied research. Basic research investigates the properties and law of matter, while applied research actively seeks out a chemical to solve a problem or improves on an existing chemical.

There are also specialty branches of chemistry for you to choose from: analytical chemists determine the composition of substances, organic chemists study the substance of living things, and materials chemists develop new chemicals or improve old ones.

Regardless of your branch or specialty, you will be working regular business hours in an office and laboratory. There is some risk as chemist for injury, as you will be working with hazardous chemicals, but that risk can be minimized if safety procedures are followed.

How can I get a Chemistry Degree?

While earning your chemistry degree you will take classes on topics such as: math, physics, biology, computer science, English, social science, and predominately chemistry. In addition, you will have a chance to conduct experiments in a laboratory setting. A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement for finding a job as a chemist.

Employment of chemists is projected to grow in the next decade by the Bureau of Labor Services. The most successful chemists - those that earn $116,000 a year and above - are those that are the most highly educated. Generally, they will have a Master's degree in chemistry and a Ph.D. The average chemist makes $73,000 a year.

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