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What is a Child Care Degree?

Everybody has been a babysitter at least once in their life. Maybe babysitting was how you made money in high school? Maybe you are a babysitter now and really enjoy it? Did you know that you can get a degree in child care and find a real career in it? You can.

People taking care of children in daycare centers are child care workers. Not only do child care workers mange the basic needs of young kids, they also must foster the development of pre-kindergarten children and watch older children while their parents are at work. Should you find employment as a child care worker, you will be responsible for the safety of the children under your supervision, as well as feeding, changing kids still in diapers, and otherwise satisfying other interests the youngster may have.

When in the child care degree program, you will learn about child development, child nutrition, activity planning, child education, language acquisition, and infant care. These skills will teach you to care for the children under your care in the best possible way.

Child care professionals work either in a daycare center or private homes as a babysitter or nanny. This job can be both physically and emotionally difficult, as anyone who has watched young children can attest. The little ones will always have more energy than adults, so to be happy and successful in this career child care professionals must love kids and have energy and patience. Hours vary wildly. Nannies can live and work at their employer's home, while daycare workers typically work normal 9 to 5 hours.

To have the most opportunity in the child care field, you should receive child care training and child care licensing. You will need to obtain a Child Development Associate credential, Child Care Professional designation, and state licensure. Your employer will also require a background check and immunization shots. While advancement is limited, experience and higher education will allow you to become a supervisor or administrator in child care centers.

The job growth for child care workers is growing steadily according to the Bureau of Labor Services. Most child care workers earn $19,000 per year on average, while the uppermost child care degree holders make $29,000 and above.

You love kids, and now you know you can make a living following your passion. So apply now!

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