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What is a Computer Engineering and Design Degree?

The software I'm using to write this article was built by someone. The internet browser you're using to read this article and surf the internet was built by someone. Most of American businesses function smoothly by using computer programs and software applications developed by a computer software engineer. If you're math and science-minded, have a passion for technology, and are prepared to work hard to obtain a job—consider a degree in Computer Software Engineering and Computer Programming.

By applying the principles of computer science, computer software engineers design and develop new software; including computer games, business applications, operating systems, network control systems, and middleware. In order for their software to run properly, a computer software engineer must be an expert in the theory of computing systems, structuring software, and the limitations of hardware.
To design new software, computer software engineers analyze what the users' needs will be. They design, test, and develop the software to fulfill those needs. Using flowcharts and diagrams, computer software engineers create algorithms, or instructions, so that the computer knows how to run the program. Writing the algorithm in a computer language, called coding, is sometimes necessary and that work is completed by a computer programmer.
There are two categories of computer software engineers:
Computer Application Software Engineers: Create customized computer software that fits the users' needs. They use C, C++, Java, and Python computer programming language to employ the programs to run. On occasion, these computer software engineers develop computer application packages or they occasionally develop databases.
Computer systems software engineers: Deal primarily with an organization's computer system and make changes dependent on each department of the organization's computer needs—such as ordering, inventory, billing, payroll, or recordkeeping. They set up intranets or networks and they are responsible for implementing system security and data assurance.
Computer software engineers and computer programmers typically work in clean, well-lit, comfortable offices or computer laboratories. As technology continues to allow remote access into networks, telecommuting is quickly becoming a common option. Most computer software engineers and computer

How can I get a Computer Engineering and Design Degree?

In order to receive a degree and possibly become a computer software engineer you will take courses that will prepare you with all of the skills you'll need to excel. Basic science and mathematics courses will be required along with more specific courses in the field such as Digital Logic Design, Digital Computer Design, and Computer Organization. A bachelors degree in computer engineering and design could take up to six years to complete, which is much longer than a traditional four year bachelors degree. Besides the necessary schooling, students must become licensed as an engineer in the state you wish to work in, which is why this degree takes longer to complete.

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