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What is a Computer Science Degree?

If you've ever learned a second language you know how fun and interesting it can be. Earning a degree in computer science is very similar to learning a new language. This is because computer science focuses on the language of computers and how that language can lead to new opportunities like a new invention or innovative research. Computer scientists strive to make life easier and more interesting for people through the use of computers.

 With a degree in computer science opportunities in system administration, software engineering, and research are just a few of the career options for computer science degree holders. For advanced positions, some computer scientists work their way up to become project leaders or managers. Others may work in the academic field. Although these positions do require heavy computer use, people skills, and communication skills are a must. Computer science professionals may work with software companies and other teams of people where social interaction is necessary. Aside from social skills, mathematical abilities are also crucial for success as a computer scientist.

How can I get a Computer Science Degree?

Certificate programs, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and PhD degrees are all options for prospective computer science professionals. Although all degrees are great options, most computer science professionals hold a PhD degree. In order to be admitted into a PhD program, one must hold a bachelor's degree preferably in relation to computer science or engineering. Once admitted into a PhD program, students will take a variety of courses including: artificial intelligence, digital communication, and computer and software systems. Once education is completed, an aspiring computer scientist has the opportunity to work as a computer scientist in an office or laboratory designing and creating new technology.

A career and education in computer science is a very rewarding one. With the knowledge and skills gained from this degree, it's worth the time and investment.

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