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What is a Computer Science and IT Degree?

IT professionals are crucial for any company to operate efficiently. Whether a company deems it practical to hire an in-house database administrator, or they decide to contract out for their IT solutions—they all need IT professionals and computer engineers. Thus, an IT or computer science degree can prepare you for an exciting and practical career—in a field that is increasingly important, constantly evolving, and stably growing.

Some IT professioanls devise IT solutions to issues not currently in the realm of IT—inventing automated processes that in the past were performed manually. A solution invented by someone with a computer science degree or one in computer engineering can be found in everything from the autopilot system on a commercial airline to a robot assembling a car to the automated checkout at your local supermarket. People with computer science degrees have changed, and will continue to change the way you live.¬†Others organize software—taking an active role in deciding how their company will operate. In this role, your computer science degree can greatly impact your career and your company's success. Combining principles usually applied by business people with skills only held by IT professionals, you have a unique chance to make your company more profitable.

How can I get a Computer Science and IT Degree?

Once you've decided on a career as an IT professional—you've still got many more decisions to make. You must choose between an IT degree, a computer science degree, and even a challenging computer engineering degree. Of the three, an IT degree is the fastest means to a technological career. And a computer science degree is more versatile, though more challenging.

Before you pursue an IT career, a computer science degree, or any other investment as large as an education, do your research. Talk to others with a computer science degree or those working in IT—ask if you can shadow them for a day. Read as much as you can about it. Make yourself an educated investor.

What are my career options?

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