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What is a Computer Technical Support Degree?

Your computer has just crashed. It is flashing a blue screen that says there is something wrong with your hard drive. What do you? If you were a computer technical support specialist you could fix it yourself.

Computer technical support workers assist with information technology problems and advise individuals or organizations on the proper use of information technology. They respond to computer users and fix their technology problem or teach them how to do what they might be struggling to do. Some computer technical support workers also train their co-workers in new programs as they become available. It is their responsibility to resolve problems with networks or operating system compatibility as well.

As a computer technical support specialist you will be working in an office or computer lab for around forty hours a week. If you work for a third-party firm you might travel to your client's location. It may be possible for you to work from home as well.

How can I get a Computer Technical Support Degree?

To be a successful computer technical support professional you must be an excellent problem solver, have top-notch communication skills, and be well versed in computer technology. You will need a degree in a related field, as employers are looking for applicants with formal college education. Some employers will require certifications in different computer proficiencies. The higher your level of education and certification, the greater your chances for employment and advancement within this field.

Many computer technical support workers earn around $43,000 a year on average according to the Bureau of Labor Services. They predict the growth of this industry is 14% by 2018. So there will be opportunities for employment upon your graduation.

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