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What is a Customer Service Degree?

Are you a people person? Could you talk with people all day and love what you do? Then a degree in customer service is right for you.

Customer service representatives are the link between customers and the companies that serve them. They're responsible for maintaining a good relationship between the two. The majority of your time as a customer service rep will be spent on the phone, though more customer service is occurring by email or chat every day.

Most correspondence in customer service representative jobs will be handling simple questions and requests. Customers want to know when they'll receive a shipment or want to update their information. At times, the customer may ask a more difficult question and representatives have to direct their call to the right person. Other times, a customer may call with a complaint. Representatives will have to handle the customer with courtesy and professionalism. On occasion, they may be asked to sell to customers by providing information to help them make a decision.

Good customer service representatives exude exceptional verbal communication and problem-solving skills along with strong written communication skills. They need to be familiar with computers. Employers look for a naturally friendly and professional people who can keep their composure when dealing with customers who might be frustrated or aggressive. They are also looking for customer service representatives who hold degrees from customer service training programs. It will be helpful to prospective customer service employees to have specific knowledge of an industry. Reps are provided with limited industry training when you start working, so having prior knowledge enables them to do a better job of giving information to customers and those with industry knowledge tend to advance quickly.

Customer service representatives work at a call center in a comfortable office setting. There is room for them to advance into a supervisor or manager position. They may also be able to transfer to another department when their knowledge of the inner business processes grow.

How can I get a Customer Service Degree?

In order to become a customer service representative an associates or bachelors degree is helpful. Some customer service representatives can find work with just a high school diploma. In order to increase your chances of finding employment earn a college degree.

The customer service industry is projected to grow by 18% according to Entry-level positions are expected to grow the most. Customer service representatives earn somewhere close to $30,000 a year when hired, with the opportunity for well-qualified employees to advance quickly.

Put your people skills to use with a potential career as a customer service representative. Apply today!

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