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What is a Database Administration Degree?

Computers are the future and the world needs experts to keep the technology ball rolling. Life today, no matter your age, relies on technology every day. A degree in database and administration can allow you to be part of this great advancement of computer technology.

Database administration is one of the many areas of information technology. In this field, individuals create, maintain, and analyze information stored into computer network systems and create computer databases best fit for the needs of the people. Database administrators will transfer information from one system to another. In this process they must maintain computer stability and create modifications to ensure success. In database administration, another central duty is to take care of all of the data. With this data, a database administrator will use database software to organize, store, analyze and then use the data. A database administrator will also make sure this process all runs smoothly, and work on database security.

With a database administration degree, the work setting is normally in an office or computer lab. However, there are also many available positions that allow database administrators to work at a specific location instead of traveling to each company's office.

A database administrator typically works a 40 hour week, sometimes up to 50 hours a week. If there happens to be a system failure or something related, a database administrator will be called in to fix the problem. The outlook for a database administration degree is very good.

How can I get a Database Administration Degree?

To earn a degree in database administration, a person will need exceptional computer skills. A bachelor's degree is common; however simple certification along with experience can land you a job in database administration. Some of the courses that will be taken for a degree in database administration include: computer science, programming, and engineering. Database administrators will also need to be skilled in the following areas:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • communication
  • networking
  • finance
  • marketing
  • business skills

Earn your degree in database administration and become part of an ever growing field!

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