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What is a Dentistry and Dental Assisting Degree?

Ow! Your molar just split in half. You broke a tooth. Who's the one person you trust to fix it? Your dentist. Dentists are some of the most trusted medical professionals. They keep our teeth strong and healthy. Without dentists, a broken tooth could mean never again being able to enjoy the foods we love. Should you become a dentist or a dental assistant, you'll be able to perform that service for others and earn a great living at the same time.

Dentists clean, repair, and straighten teeth. They also x-ray teeth and teach patients about proper tooth care concerning brushing, flossing, and diet. Dentists perform surgery on mouths, jaws, gums, and teeth. They use a variety of machines to accomplish these tasks such as drills, scalpels, lasers, scanners, among others. Dental assistants are like a dentist's nurse. They sterilize equipment, prepare instruments, handle patients who may be nervous or afraid, and perform smaller tasks for the dentist. They also may have some office duties which would involve scheduling appointments, greeting patients, and keeping records.

How can I get a Dentistry and Dental Assisting Degree?

In order to become a dentist you will need to find a dental school you wish to attend. Through the dental school of your choice you will be able to earn your dentist degree, which will make you one step closer to becoming a dentist.  Students applying to dental school must first hold a Bachelors degree, although the program area isn't important.  Students must complete dental pre-requisite courses which usually include biology, chemistry, physics, English, and high-level math classes.

To be a successful dentist, you must be good with your hands and have a high degree of dexterity. You should have good spatial reasoning and have aesthetic aptitude. Successful dentists should have business skills, discipline, and be very strong communicators to maintain their client list. Assistants need to be team players and reliable.

Dentists tend to own their own practice (though some work as associate dentists) and hire dental assistants. As a dentist, you will work either four or five days a week. It depends on your client list and experience. You will be able to control the look of your office, as well as the location. Dentist assistants generally work in the same environment as a dentist.

make around $150,000 a year on average, according to the Bureau of Labor Services. Their assistants make around $34,000 a year. Growth for this field is growing rapidly, 16% by 2018 is predicted. There are many opportunities for new dentists as older dentists from the baby-boom generation are retiring.

Earning a dentist degree raises your potential to make a great living while giving people the gift of a clean and healthy mouth, apply now!

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