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What is an Education Degree?

Education degrees are a sure way to impact the lives of others-and they're also the best way to get your summers off. There are different types of teachers and different types of education degrees-- classified by who the students are and the subject matter taught. Education degrees are given in early childhood, elementary, secondary, and special education. With most education degrees, you'll also pursue a certification or major in another area of study-increasing your expertise and enabling you to be a more effective teacher in that topic-whether it's mathematics, US History, music, English or one of many other areas.

Many teachers augment their education degrees with further online education, or certifications in coaching, administration or counseling. It's a great way to add variety to make yourself more marketable and increase your own interest in your profession.

You likely already know what life in a classroom is like. So before pursuing education degrees, it's wise not just to shadow a teacher during the school day, but also crucial to gain insight on what they do outside the classroom. Hours are spent every week writing lesson plans and talking with parents and administrators-there's a whole dimension to teaching a student will never see.

How can I get an Education Degree?

There are many ways to get education degrees-from in-classroom programs to those presented online. Between 9 and 5 on weekdays; at night or on the weekends. So with the dozens of education programs available in your region, there's no reason not to find a path toward education degrees that fits your needs.

While earning an education degree, you'll likely take courses in psychology and counseling, and also educational theory and curriculum development, along with special education and learning disabilities. You'll also complete a student teaching program before graduating-- to ensure you're fit to use your education degree and to make sure you've chosen the right career path.

What are my career options?

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