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What is an Education (General) Degree?

Do you value a good education? Why not share your passion for learning? Become an educator today! Picture our world without education. No one would know how to write or communicate. How to speak. There would be no doctors and no lawyers. Our world exists the way it does today partly due to educators. Become an educator today.
As an educator, you can work in a variety of educational settings. Do you love kids? Or would you rather teach at the college level with mature adults? With a degree in education you can begin your career as an educator at any level you wish! As an educator, you will teach children or adults the skills they need for their future! So what else do educators do? Well, some educators write books in their spare time. Some conduct research, and others strategically plan their lessons very carefully for their students after class.
You may now be wondering when educators find extra time to, let's say, write a book? Well, most educators only work 10 months out of the year. But if you choose to teach at a higher level, such as college, you may teach year-round. Whether you're working all year or just 10 months, you will love being an educator. You must know that not all educational settings are the same. Some schools reside in poverty-stricken towns. As a result, the school may lack academically in some areas. But regardless of the setting you work in, becoming an educator is a life changing experience.

How can I get an Education (General) Degree?

So now that you know what becoming an educator is about, it's time to get started! Most careers in education require at least a Bachelor's Degree. But some careers require Masters and PhD Degrees. Additional licensing is also required for fields, such as: kindergarten, elementary, middle, and secondary schools in the public school system. Licensing requirements are different depending on the state in which you reside. But in order to become an educator in a public school, keep in mind, all states require some sort of licensing to enter the field of education.
While earning your degree in education you will take a variety of courses. You will learn teaching methods and take basic classes, such as, mathematics. But there are other skills you should have. Educators should be enthusiastic and have a good attitude about education!
A degree in education could lead to a variety of careers! With some additional schooling, you could become a librarian, or a school counselor. There is no limit to where your degree in education can take you. Apply today!

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