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What is an Education Technology Degree?

Do you enjoy your smart phone? Do you lose sleep at night because you spend too much time on social media sites? Don't be shy; we're all guilty of this. But believe it or not, technology isn't just a distraction from reality. It can actually help us! Those working in education technology discover ways to enhance learning through technology. Confused? Don't be! Those working in the field of education technology use computers, overhead projectors, social media sites and many other technological methods to help students learn. So if you're a technology buff, and would like to help improve learning conditions for students and professionals apply today. And earn your degree in education technology.

Just as technology is constantly evolving, so is a career in education technology. With a degree in education technology, one may have the opportunity to work in a variety of fields.
These include:
  • Teaching
  • Working for the school administration
  • You could even work in business
You're never truly done learning. Therefore, even businesses hire education technology experts to help train their employees with up-to-date technology they can use in their career.

How can I get an Education Technology Degree?

You could earn a Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD in education technology. No matter which degree you choose to earn, you will take courses such as: Computers as Learning Tools, educational technology Integration and others that will prepare you for a potential career in Education Technology.

So ditch those dusty encyclopedias and dictionaries. Instead, learn how technology is now used to educate students and professionals. Out with the old and in with the new.

Apply today to earn your degree in education technology.

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