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What is a Film, Video, and Photographic Arts Degree?

Everyone has aspired to be a famous actor sometime in their life. Many people give up that dream as they grow older. But what many people don't realize is that most actors aren't A-list famous but they still make a great living. Not only that, there are a variety of jobs related to the production of films and other media that you may enjoy. Let's find one for you!

Acting is a rough gig. Actors perform a scripted role on a set, often times acting out scenes many times to get it right. To be a successful actor, you must understand human psychology and personalities. Much of your work will consist of imitating a fictional character that may be far from your own personality. The career is highly competitive and actors must be able to handle rejection, as well as, their previously mentioned duties.

Another career you may be interested in pursuing is directing. Directors make all the creative decisions of a production. They select the cast, tell the crew and cast what to do, and use their imagination and their interpretation of the writer's script to create the performance. The career field is competitive and talent has a large factor in your future advancement within it.

Perhaps those two careers don't appeal to you. Another option is being a camera operator. Camera operators shoot the scenes using various types of camera equipment. Through school, they learn about different camera angles and shots.  Directors rely on their technique and knowledge to produce the best film they can. Camera operators must select the right equipment to use for shots, focus on the right person or inanimate item, and have a steady hand.

It could be that movies and film aren't for you. If that's the case you may want to try your hand at photography. Photographers are people who produce still images for events or art. While it may seem simple on the surface, photography is a deeply artistic field with a wealth of techniques and knowledge that professional photographers must use regularly. They must select the right camera and lens for a shot, they must adjust lighting, they have to use the right focus, they have to decide on the right angle and ascertain where the viewer's eye will be drawn to create a successful photograph.

Each of these careers has relatively high levels of competition. An applicant to these careers must have a strong desire to work in the field. They must be persistent and unaffected by rejection. Those who fulfill these character traits will be successful in their career.

How can I get a Film, Video, and Photographic Arts Degree?

If you're interested in earning a film degree check out colleges and universities in your area. Or you can earn an online film degree from certain colleges and universities that offer online degrees. Online degrees are the perfect solution for students who have a passion for film but do not have the time to attend classes. Most colleges and universities offer courses such as: art and design, cultural studies and more courses focusing on film and photography.

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