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What is a Forestry and Wildlife Degree?

 Do you have a passion for the outdoors? Then it's time to ditch your cubical and start your dream job! Start your career as a Forester today!

 Foresters are responsible for all of the activity in a forest. A Forester's job is to keep forests alive! Foresters figure out where to plant trees, how to prevent a forest fire, and anything else that may harm a forest. If you've ever babysat as a child, you know that taking care of something takes hard work but it's well worth the reward. A career in Forestry and Wildlife is very similar! There are a lot of tasks for a Forester. But the beauty of wildlife makes it well worth it!

 You don't always like to be outdoors?  Not all Foresters work outdoors! Some Foresters research forests and work in labs or offices. But wait, you wanted to be outdoors? You're still in luck because other Foresters spend their entire career outdoors! Many Foresters are employed by the government and are given set hours. A 40 hour work week is typical, but not for every Forester. Some work longer hours. They don't seem to mind, though, because their passion for the outdoors prevails.  As a Forester, you may spend a lot of time alone with nature. You may also run across bad weather, such as storms. But that's nothing you can't handle, right?

Education and Skills

With a degree in Forestry and Wildlife, Biology, Natural Sciences, and Natural Resource Management you can become a Forester! Do you want to research Forestry and Wildlife? How about becoming a professor in the field? If so, you may need to earn a higher degree such as a PhD. Any degree in Forestry and Wildlife will consist of many science-related classes. These include: biology, forest ecology, management of forest resources and other relevant classes. Most colleges also require students to complete field experience. This will prepare you for your career as a Forester. Besides a degree, a Forester should be able to handle physical activity. And most importantly, a Forester should have a strong passion for Forestry and Wildlife!

So, throw away your suit jackets and briefcases! It's time to live out your real passion! Apply today to start your career in Forestry and Wildlife!

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