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What is a Game Design and Development Degree?

Who likes to have fun? Everyone! How would you like to be the creator of fun? Game designers create fun by creating engrossing, realistic yet challenging video games for all groups and ages. If you love playing video games, you should consider a degree in Game Software Development. Oddly enough, playing video games is often times the first step to a fulfilling, fun career.
The demand for video games is on the rise, especially since video games can now be played on a plethora of platforms including personal computers, consoles, smart phones, arcades, and the Internet. Not only are video games easily accessible, but there are also games for every interest: sports, fantasy, action, adventure, strategy, simulation, and education. However, even though there is a wide array of video games and platforms for games, only highly qualified candidates are hired.
Most game software development is created in a studio before being shipped to advertisers and distributors. Although every game software development company is structured differently, all companies have four distinct teams or departments:
  • Design—Video designers write the concept of the game, along with the characters, and other gameplay elements.
  • Artistic—The artistic team creates the images, sounds, and music.
  • Programming—The programming team plans and writes the code for the game.
  • Testing—This team plays the games to find errors before it's published.
The game software designers are responsible for mapping out the video game, from the mission to the theme and even the rules of the game. The main mission of the game software designers is to create a riveting game that will become highly popular once it hits the shelves. 
There are different levels of game software designers:
  • The lead game software designer is responsible for the entire look and feel of the game.
  • The level game software designers work with other departments, like the artists and programmers, to hash out smaller sections of the game.
  • Writer-Designers write the script for the game and the accompanying text. They may also write guide books or the hints and tips section of the game.

How can I get a Game Design and Development Degree?

Because there is such a high extent of interaction and teamwork necessary to create an enthralling video game, communication is one of the most important skills for a software developer or game designer. They must communicate ideas, write scripts, and persuade players and consumers. Strong management skills are also vital, as designers must lead their team to stay streamlined and timely. Technical skills are one of the more obvious skills required to be an effective designer. Designers must understand programming, computers, and they must understand how games work.
To develop these skills, most software development and designers earn a Bachelor's degree in English, art, or computer science. However, earning a degree will provide you with a foundation in which your work experience will build on. Because video game software development and design is a fairly new industry and companies vary widely, the Bureau of Labor Statistics can only speculate at the earnings for this field. Surveys suggest that gaming employees can earn anywhere from $35,000 to $75,000 annually.* For the most part, salaries are dependent on experience and reputation in the field.
Are you passionate about games and would love to surround yourself with other gamers as a career? Fill out a form today to enroll in a Bachelor's degree program and be on your way to a fun, exciting career!


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