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What is a Graphic Design and Multimedia Degree?

Graphic Design Programs have become a fundamental part of every industry since the rise of technology. The ingenuity of Graphic Designers can be seen everywhere, from logos on product packaging and websites to publications and advertisements. Completing Graphic Design Programs allows for a wide range of opportunities for students with artistic talent and a passion for influencing the creative economy.  These opportunities are cultivated by incorporating fundamental skills and experiences with natural talent to develop a fulfilling career as a Graphic Designer.
To become a Graphic Designer, it is imperative to enroll in Graphic Design Programs, as they demonstrate to students solutions to visual problems through the use of text and graphical elements. The main goal of a Graphic Designer is to create products that are attractive and attention-grabbing, while maintaining functionality. Therefore, a Graphic Designer must take cognitive, physical, social, and cultural components into consideration while working on a project in order to reach target audiences. With formal instruction through Graphic Design Programs, a student will not only learn the elements of graphic design, but students will also learn how to use modern technology to express their creativity.
Coupled with artistic talent, a Graphic Designer must be equipped with a certificate or degree that illustrates a strong foundation of knowledge to potential employers. Many schools offer both short-term Graphic Design Programs, as well as, long-term Graphic Design Programs.
To obtain an entry-level position, an Associate's Degree or certificate is necessary. Most short-term Graphic Design Programs can be completed in 1-2 years. Once Graphic Design Programs are completed by an aspiring Graphic Designer, they will be qualified to apply for positions which require only technical skills or to become a Graphic Designer's assistant.

How can I get a Graphic Design and Multimedia Degree?

Both short and long-term Graphic Design Programs require students to enlist in an internship to gain experience and build the aspiring Graphic Designer's portfolio. The depth of a Graphic Designer's problem-solving skills, creativity, technical savvy, and ability to communicate ideas is revealed to employers by the quality of work displayed in the Graphic Designer's portfolio.
Other skills, which cannot be learned through Graphic Design programs, include: having an open-mind, reacting quickly to evolving trends, and working under pressure to meet deadlines.To qualify for more advanced positions, a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree is required. These Graphic Design Programs offer extensive instruction that incorporates art in the business of design while preparing a Graphic Designer to tackle challenges as a creative problem-solver. These Graphic Design Programs are much more comprehensive and can be completed in 3-4 years.
Graduating from Graphic Design Program can open up many doors for your career. You could have the opportunity to become an Art Director or Web Graphic Designer. While a Graphic Designer may be salaried, most are contracted-out per project or on a freelance basis, depending on their business skills. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual income for a Graphic Designer falls between $20,000 and $60,000.

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