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What is a Health and Medicine Degree?

Few professions are as challenging or rewarding as those you'll encounter with a medical degree or health degree. Health professionals exist to resolve high-pressure emergency situations as well as to combat public health challenges like diabetes and obesity. They work as nurses in family clinics, doctors in research hospitals, and paramedics in big cities using their talents to help others.

There are many paths you can take once you earn your health degree. You can live almost anywhere in the world—in rural, suburban, or urban areas. You can work in a clinic, hospital, or on an ambulance. With a medical degree or health degree, the list of areas in need of someone with your skills is nearly endless.

To earn your health degree or medical degree, you have many options. You can go for a nursing degree at many levels, from an associate's degree to a master's degree. Depending on your goals, you can earn a certification or degree in emergency medicine, from that of an EMT-Basic to a Paramedic. You can also attend medical school, leading to a medical degree with hundreds of areas of specialty. A health degree or medical degree gives you endless options in location and specialty.

How can I get a Health and Medicine Degree?

When you select a program to obtain your health degree or medical degree, you also have options. There are online certification programs, and in-classroom programs, during weekdays, at night, or on the weekends. Some health degree programs offer a mix of both. Medical degree programs are far less flexible—likely demanding you put most other endeavors on hold while you earn your medical degree.

Ask about the hours they work, how long they've done it, and whether demand is expected to remain strong for the position, or if there's another area expected to take off. Ask them if they looked back to when they were in your position—Would they still pursue their medical degree or health degree?

With a field as broad as healthcare, it's difficult to decide on which type of specialty you want to pursue. Once you get a vague idea, read more about it and speak to people in that specific geographic area and specialty. Using your health degree to be a nurse, doctor, or paramedic in small-town Iowa is very different from the same position in a big city. Before you pursue a health degree or medical degree, do your homework.

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