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What is a History Degree?

Do you have a passion for history? Does learning about history excite you? Then you may be a perfect candidate to earn a history degree, and possibly pursue a career as a historian.

Using various sources of information such as government records, newspapers, magazines, photographs, interviews, films, epistolary records, or the internet, historians research, analyze, and interpret the past. Generally, historians specialize in a certain location or region, period in time, or a particular field (social, intellectual, cultural, political, or diplomatic). They present the conclusions of their research in books, articles, and essays.

Most historians provide research and analysis for their local governments. Some historians are preservationists, they make sure that paintings and archival material does not denigrate over time. Other history degree holders teach children or work as professors at colleges and universities.

You will need to earn a masters degree to possibly work as a historian, but a bachelors degree in history can give you the opportunity to work as a high school teacher. Many top historians have a Ph.D. in their chosen specialty. They also tend to be people with excellent communication skills and are logical thinkers who approach their work objectively.

Should you find employment in this field, you will most likely be working regular hours. If you find work at a university or college your hours will be more flexible but the workload will be the same. Historians make around $54,000 a year according to the Bureau of Labor Services. High school teachers of history make about the same amount. Professors earn more, but require higher education.

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