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What is a Hospitality Industry Degree?

From Disney World to the Motel 6, everyone has stayed in hotels. Have you ever wondered how such a large operation runs seemingly without a hitch day in and day out? Would you like to pursue a career working in a city that most people think of as a vacation hotspot? Does possibly working in hospitality in the tropics appeal to you? If it does, you should apply to earn a degree in hospitality.

We travel for business, vacation, or to visit friends and family. Generally when we travel, we stay at hotels or motels. Some hotels are simply places to stay, we call those hotels limited service providers. Other hotels are popular places to which vacationers travel, they are called full-service providers. There are also places known as casino hotels, which have gambling activities inside the hotel as a form of entertainment for guests.

How can I get a Hospitality Industry Degree?

To be considered for a role in hospitality management, a bachelors degree is typically the first requirement.  You can earn a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, or a  Bachelor of Science in the hospitality field under hotel management, hotel and tourism management, or hotel administration.  The required coursework will help you develop your management skills in order to be successful working in a variety of environments, including hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, destination marketing organizations, convention centers, country clubs, and other related areas.

As a hospitality degree holder you may be able to find employment in various roles at hotels or vacation spots of all varieties. You could supervise the activities in a casino, you could be a hotel concierge, earn a living as a freelance critic of hotels and restaurants, become a traveling tour director, or get paid to throw parties as an event planner.

While obtaining your hospitality degree, you will be learning everything there is to know about your chosen specialty. There are degrees available in hospitality management and marketing, special events management, hotel management, travel, tourism, among others.

Hotels and casinos are open at all times, for that reason, you may work unusual shifts or need to be on call depending on the career you choose to pursue. The work can be stressful, but at the same time you might be working in a fun city in a nice climate.

There is great opportunity for earning a career in hospitality. Apply now!

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