How to Choose a Degree to Fit Your Lifestyle

Careers in How to Choose a Degree to Fit Your Lifestyle

Do you love to write? Do you love animals? Or maybe you're interested in learning more about psychology and the different mental disorders and behaviors of human beings.

 In order to choose a degree that best fits you, and your personality you should ask yourself a simple question, 'what do I like?' From there, you should try to find a degree that suits you, and not the other way around. Once you get to know yourself better, there are many degrees out there that will fit your personality. So if you hated Art History in high school, don't choose a degree in art! Instead let the degree choose you. Here are some general examples of degrees that require specific personalities in order to be successful.

Culinary field:

  • Work environment and traits: fast, long hours, indoors, changing.
  • Personality: good communication skills, hardworking, passionate about culinary.

Law enforcers:

  • Work environment and traits: dangerous, many options, changing pace.
  • Personality: brave, and helping.


  • The work includes: deadlines, office as well as field work, and asking a lot of questions.
  • Personality traits: extroverted, direct, excellent writing skills, good communication skills.


  • The work includes: working with students, and sharing ideas and concepts with others.
  • Personality traits: leadership qualities, communication skills, and patience.


  • The work includes: using artistic abilities to create unique photography.
  • Personality traits: must have extreme artistic ability, and creativity.

These four examples are things you should look at when choosing a degree.  Because these important factors really impact your job performance and how much you will actually enjoy your work. So first, find your passion. Secondly, follow it by choosing a degree that combines your passion with a potential career. You will be much happier this way. Choose a degree that was made for you, and not for someone else.

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