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Careers in How to Choose an Accredited Online Nursing School

Finding a cute and durable pair of scrubs is not the only thing that aspiring nurses need to look for. First, aspiring nurses must search for an online nursing school to attend. With so many options, this could get tricky. Read this 'how to' to guide you through the process.

  1. Accreditation- When searching for an online nursing school, be sure that that the school is accredited. The U.S. department of Education has a list of accredited schools. Be sure to check that out before enrolling! Schools should be accredited through the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission (NLNAC) or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing and Education (CCNE). Keep in mind, most employers will only hire graduates of an accredited nursing school.
  2. Ranking- See how well the nursing schools you are considering rank nationally. Keep in mind that the higher the school ranks the higher the competition and cost may be.
  3. Cost- Nursing schools tuition rates vary. Therefore, it is your job to research how much a school costs and how much you could spend on attending nursing school. Some students may be eligible for financial aid depending on their monetary status and other factors.
  4. Specialty- Not every restaurant has seafood and not every clothing store has jeans. Similarly, not every nursing school may have the program you are looking for. It is important to research which nursing schools offer the program you want to specialize in.
  5. How did the previous students do?—Research the percentage of students that pass the national nursing exam. Some schools may not want to release this information based on negative results. Other schools may have positive results such as a passing rate of 75% on the first attempt. You want to be sure that the nursing school you're choosing is preparing you well.

After researching and answering all of these questions you will be on the right track towards finding the nursing school for you. Making decisions can be difficult, but with this guide this process is a piece of cake.

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