How to Find a College Roommate

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Transition to college life can be a big change. You are away from your friends and family for the first time, with loads of homework, projects and other responsibilities. On top of all this, you are surrounded by unfamiliar people living in tight quarters.

A really important part of this transition is living in a small dorm with a stranger. A lot of students say that their college roommate was a large aspect of their college experience. Some have even said that their roommate affected the way their school work went, their mood, and their overall opinion of the school. It is clearly evident that a compatible roommate is essential, and of course you want to have the best college experience you can. So here is all you need to know about picking a good match to begin your memorable college life.

Step #1 is applying for housing:

You will be filling out a questionnaire on your interests, sleep habits etc. This is a great tool to find the right person to room with. Be sure to answer the questions carefully. Schools will usually pair you with someone that answered the questions similarly. So be honest, this way you and you're roommate end up being compatible and possibly friends.   

Some other ways to search for roommates:

  • There are many online roommate search tools avaliable that searches potential roommates
  • Social networks like Facebook or MySpace can help you find roommates.
  • Craigslist is great, even if you're looking for a place outside campus.
  • You can check your local or school newspaper which often has a roommate add, or you can post your own
  • Ask your friends, they may know someone searching for a roommate

The last thing you should definitely consider doing is setting up some sort of meeting with the person to get to know each other. Some ideas are to set up an interview, go out for coffee, or whatever makes you both comfortable.

The main thing is to have fun with it; an exciting new experience awaits you!

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