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What is an Interior Design Degree?

 Did you know that shopping malls are designed to make you want to buy more? Or, that IKEA is designed to actually confuse customers? Did you know that an office with a good design can improve productivity? Learn these techniques and more when you earn an interior design degree. Interior design degrees are required to become an interior designer.

Interior designers decide not only the aesthetics of an interior space and its decorations, but also the functionality and safety of that space. After you graduate from an interior design school, you will work as an interior designer. You will be able to design the interior of malls, offices, homes, airports, restaurants, or any other building imaginable.

Successful interior designers are creative, stylish, adaptable, and able to communicate your ideas in multiple formats. You will need to be able to start projects on your own and set your own production schedules. Self-discipline is important in this career.

There are many places that you may find a job in interior design once you graduate, but more then likely you will be working in an office for around forty hours a week. Sometimes you will travel to the locations you are designing.

How can I get an Interior Design Degree?

Even for an entry level job in interior design, you must complete a post-secondary degree. Many colleges and universities offer professional design degrees and they generally take two to four years to finish. Once you have your degree, you will complete an apprenticeship before you start designing for yourself.

Interior design careers are expected to grow 19% by 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Services.  Businesses are gaining an increased awareness of the benefits a well-designed space provides to them.  The average interior designer makes around $46,000 annually and the best designers make $85,000.
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