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What is a Massage Therapy Degree?

Have you ever been treated to an intensely relaxing and gratifying massage? A massage so therapeutic the distractions of the outside world melted away and you were transported to a place free of worry? Earn a massage therapy degree to help ease your clients' pain and help maintain wellness.

Massage therapy is a field of study that involves using physical contact to relax the muscles of your client's body. Whether to treat disease, reduce stress, or rehab a sports injury, as a massage therapist, you will use one of more than 80 different types of massage techniques. These various techniques will be taught in massage therapy college to relieve the ailments plaguing your clients.

How can I get a Massage Therapy Degree?

In order to become a massage therapist, you will need to search various massage therapy schools to find one that fits your needs. After earning your massage therapy degree from a massage therapy school you will have to pass an examination at the end of your massage therapy classes to qualify for licensure. Once licensed, and if you find employment, expect to work less than 40 hours each week at different possible locations: a spa, private studio, hospital, or a client's home. Regardless of location, the environment will tend to be dimly lit with relaxing music. The environment is designed to help your clients relax.

A successful massage therapist must be social and they need to make their clients feel comfortable. A large component of a massage therapist's job is maintaining a list of clientele, so developing rapport with clients is crucial to your success. Massage therapy careers are also physically demanding. You have to be physically fit and injury-free to perform this job.

The demand for massage therapy is growing. The Bureau of Labor Services expects careers for massage therapists to increase 19% by 2018. You should expect to easily find part-time work as a massage therapist as you build your client base. The average massage therapist makes $35,000 annually. While the best massage therapists make $69,000 and above.

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