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What is a Masters Degree?

A masters degree is a great way for people in many professions to advance their careers. To earn a masters degree, it usually takes between one and two years, depending on the program and the credits you've already earned in that field

There are two common types of masters degrees that apply to most subject areas-Master of Science and Master of Arts. The two are similar and apply to things like education and other liberal arts type subjects. There are also more specialized types of masters degree, that apply to more specialized areas. For example a Master of Business Administration degree applies to business-related fields including finance, management and accounting, as a Master of Social work degree applies only to social work.

Some choose to earn a master degree for many reasons. Some enter just because they're interested in an area and want to learn more. More practically however, someone will choose to earn a masters degree so they may earn a promotion or a raise in a career they're already pursuing. For example, many school districts offer pay increases for teachers who earn a masters in education or special education. And some teachers will pursue a Master of Arts or Science in school administration, perhaps hoping to become a school principal.

Of course, a masters degree is also a great way to change careers. Someone may awaken to their calling years into their career, and decide to pursue something unlike anything else listed on their resume. The best way to quickly qualify yourself for a new career may be a masters degree in an area that applies to that career.


How can I get a Masters Degree?

You can earn a masters degree in two unique ways: through an online masters degree program, or in a traditional classroom. It's likely that many colleges and universities have an online masters degree program, as well as traditional programs with classes during the week, in the evening, or on the weekends. Online masters degree programs are great for students who want a flexible schedule. Speak to the admissions representatives, faculty members, and students in the masters degree programs you wish to pursue. Speak to people with the masters degree you wish to pursue-see if earning their masters degree did for them what they wished.

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