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What is a Mathematics Degree?

Why is dividing a number by zero impossible? How do we know one plus one doesn't equal three? Answer these questions and more by studying mathematics to earn a mathematics degree.

Mathematicians use theories, algorithms, and technology to perform complicated mathematical operations in order to solve equations. Either they solve theoretical math problems or applied math problems.

Theoretical mathematics studies the principles and relationships within numbers to find new ones. Pythagoras' theorem, a2 + b2 = c2, is one example of a mathematical theory that served as metaphorical bedrock that allowed for more complicated math and more advanced technology to be built atop of it. As a theoretical mathematician, you will work to contribute to the whole of mathematical knowledge and theory. Theoretical math may not be itself inherently useful, but it allows us to develop more complicated useful math, which we call applied mathematics.

Applied mathematical studies equations are those that impact economic, scientific, and business issues that affect society. Applied mathematicians use the theories and algorithms to solve real-life problems. They are tasked with problems with many variables that must be balanced—scheduling the incredibly complicated network of plane flights from an airport, for example.

Mathematicians work in offices 40 hours a week. To be successful as a mathematician, formal education is required. The large majority of mathematicians have a Ph.D., though there are some opportunities for master's students. You will also need to have knowledge of technology, as most high level calculations are now done in tandem with computers.

Though a high level of education is required to be a mathematician, the reward is great. Mathematicians earn close to $100,000 on average every year, according to the Bureau of Labor Services.

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