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Were you that kid playing in his room for hours at a time, building cities with his Legos™ and Matchbox™ cars? Perhaps you were building complex assembly lines with the enlisted help of your neighbor friends. The dreams we once had as a child often follow us into adulthood to the day we become adults. We can learn from our young selves who we were really meant to be ""when we grow up.""

Luckily, you can follow those early intuitions into college and earn an engineering degree.  Better yet, if you already work a full-time job or if you aren't in the position to go to a campus-based college, you can earn your engineering degree onlineEngineers build structures, buildings, and roadways while considering the cost, time, and safety of each project.  There are a number of different area in which you can specialize as an engineer.The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statics forecasts civil, bio-medical, petroleum, industrial and environmental engineering sectors to grow very quickly. In an economy such as today's, that's good news to hear. While this means that just getting an online engineering degree won't guarantee you a job—earning a degree can certainly open doors you wouldn't otherwise likely see.

What does it take to graduate?

To graduate with an online engineering degree, it will typically take about four years to complete. Now depending on your work load, and if you choose to take more or less courses, you control the ship in terms of actually completing school. A lot of colleges are offering the ability to learn both in-class AND online—meaning that if your schedule doesn't allow you to take all the classes in the classroom, you can do some online. This is particularly helpful for those who work during the day and take night classes, but need an extra couple of classes to match their desire to complete school faster.

Online engineering degrees are a great means to help you embark on an exciting career. Look at the colleges in your area and find one with a program that interests you, that can lead you to the career you desire. Look for science degree programs that accommodate you. Explore what interests you, and if it involves the way the world around you works, consider a science degree of some kind. They're a sure way to learn something useful, and a great way to make an impact.

You are about to embark on a life-changing journey when you begin your classes. You may feel overwhelmed sometimes and elated other times. Nobody can tell you how your experience is going to be because everybody has their own, unique experience. What you can take away from heading down this path is that you're likely going to learn a lot, but you'll realize you are right for this job after all.

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