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What is a Pharmacy Degree?

We rely on them for our health. They must be exact or else we could fall ill or even die. Who are they? Pharmacists. They are the men and women in white jackets standing behind the glass window at the local pharmacy. Today, pharmacy is a booming career that might suit you well and be able to fulfill your career goals.

A pharmacist is someone who distributes prescription drugs to customers. Also, they give advice to doctors and patients about medication dosage and side effects. At one point, they would mix medicines themselves, but most of that work is now done by pharmaceutical companies. Today, much of a pharmacist's time is spent working with patients and customers at local pharmacies or performing administrative work.

A successful pharmacist must pay close attention to detail, because delivering the wrong pills to a patient could result in a life threatening mistake. If you're considering pharmacy school, good interpersonal skills, a scientific mentality, and a wish to help people are necessary skills to naturally have.

How can I get a Pharmacy Degree?

The first step toward becoming a pharmacist is to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. The degree typically takes four years to complete. Coursework to become a pharmacist contains subjects that will teach you about the biological and chemical aspects of drug therapy. You will also learn about public health, professional ethics, and business management. You will likely participate in an internship at a pharmacy, as well.

After earning your pharmacy degree, you will need to be licensed by passing the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam and the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence exam. The former tests your pharmaceutical knowledge and the latter tests your knowledge of pharmacy law.

As a pharmacist, you will work in a clean, safe area. You will spend the day on your feet, so you must be in good health. At times, you will have to work with dangerous materials and you will have to use protective equipment. You will work a regular 40-hour week for annual payment of around $106,000 on average.

Apply now to become a pharmacist and help your community stay healthy!

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