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What is a Philosophy Degree?

As a child you learned that if you have two candy bars and you add those to another two candy bars, you now have a total of four candy bars! You were simply satisfied with the fact that you arrived at the correct answer and got to eat chocolate! But the simple question, 2+2=4, could be analyzed further! As you grow older, you don't accept answers as easily. Instead we find ourselves constantly asking the famous question, why? Philosophers dedicate their lives to answering questions relating to ethics and other interesting topics. Works towards becoming a Philosopher today! We can't promise that you'll get to eat four chocolate bars. But you may have a meaningful and successful career.

A degree in philosophy could lead to a variety of career paths. You could teach philosophy at the college level. This would require you to teach students how to analyze the thoughts and ideas they have. But if that's not the career path you had in mind, we have more! Employers value the skills that Philosophers have. Therefore, there are many places where your skills in philosophy are needed. You could become a manager. Or you could work in business. But maybe you've always wanted to become a journalist? You can do all of this with your degree in philosophy! Companies are constantly looking for analytical thinkers with critical thinking abilities. With a degree in philosophy, you could be all of that and more. An employer's dream and a competitor's nightmare!

How can I get a Philosophy Degree?

If you're asking yourself, 'is a degree in philosophy a good degree?' Then you're already on the right page by simply asking a question. First off, Associate's, Bachelors, Master's and PhD degrees are all available in philosophy. So whether you want to dedicate 2 years or longer, you can! In each of the degree types you will take courses in ethics, critical thinking, and learn about ancient Philosophers and all of their discoveries. In these courses, you will learn the necessary skills to become a successful Philosopher! These include: communication skills, analytical skills, and skills in research..just to name a few. But before you begin your career in philosophy, you should have a strong interest in logic and reasoning. Because that is what you will be dedicating your life to, at least during your college career.
So, if you're still hesitant about becoming a Philosopher, then oddly enough this is the career for you. You may be wondering why? Well, Philosophers are critical; they analyze every aspect of a situation. And you should be critical about your future and your career, I'm sure Aristotle was. Apply today, for your degree in philosophy! So you can stop wondering and start knowing.

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