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What is a Physics Degree?

Have you ever wanted to understand why E=MC2? Does the universe's incredible complexity amaze you? Do you look up to scientists like Richard Feynman, Carl Sagan, or Neil DeGrasse Tyson? Studying physics might be for you.

 Those who study physics and apply their knowledge are called physicists. They observe, measure, interpret, and develop theories to explain how the universe operates. By studying the enormity of outer space and the miniscule atom and its constituent parts, physicists contribute to the sciences and enable advances in technology.

Physicists either work in basic research or applied research. Basic research is what Einstein did. He worked with mathematics and theories to figure out new theories to explain the universe's behavior. His theory of relativity is one example of this. Applied research is what a physicist who works for a private company does. He takes the basic research of others and applies it to commercial products.

A successful physicist must be extremely proficient at mathematics. Much of our understanding of the universe is translated from the language of math. It will help if you are imaginative and creative as well. At the same time, being a strong communicator will be important, as you will either work on a team or have to write papers about your research.

As a physicist, you will work in an office or academic setting. You will be working forty hour weeks unless you are deeply involved in research at which times you may work longer hours. Most physicists made $105,000 a year annually according to the Bureau of Labor Services.

Explore the secrets of the universe and apply to study physics now!

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