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What is a Psychology and Counseling Degree?

One of the most interesting aspects of life is learning about the people around you. The human mind is as amazing as it is complicated. If you would like to observe, interpret, and improve lives for healthy living, earning a degree in psychology and counseling is a good place to start. A psychology degree teaches you to understand human behavior and interpret people's actions, development, and how to help correct unhealthy choices by promoting a healthy life.

There are many types of psychology occupations:

  • Clinical psychology: Includes assessing, diagnosing, treating and helping prevent mental disorders.
  • Counseling: Helps with improving the quality of life for people who need help accomplishing less complicated goals, but yet still pertaining to important issues.
  • Experimental psychology: Professionals study behavior and work on research.
  • School counseling: Professionals work with students from early childhood and up, including disabled students; work on improving everyday issues, as well as, behavior problems.
  • Teaching psychology: Involves work in schools, colleges, and universities.

Psychologists and counselors typically work in offices, hospitals, schools, and private practices. Psychologists are reported to work normal 9-5 hours in schools and private practices. They also work in a comfortable environment. Psychologists who are employed by hospitals, however, have varying hours.

The nature of the work for a psychologist varies, depending on the area in which you specialize. Some psychologists chose one-on-one therapy, group therapy, family, and relationship therapy. Clinical psychologists treat mental illness and serious medical conditions. Counselors work with patients who are not always mentally ill, but need assistance reaching life goals, career and social issues. Counselors often work as a school counselor. Psychologists also conduct research and studies; work on phone hotlines, complete surveys, or naturalist observing.

How can I get a Psychology and Counseling Degree?

With a Ph.D. in psychology, the employment possibilities to pursue are wide open; they include teaching, clinical work, counseling, research, or government work. What a wonderful position to be in. With a Master's degree in psychology, professionals perform mainly assistant duties, but other jobs in the field can become available. Positions available to candidates with only a Bachelor's degree in psychology are mostly comprised of clerical duties, but many professionals take jobs in sales or management.

To be a successful psychologist or counselor, some important skills to develop include:

  • Having a caring and understanding nature
  • Being an emotionally stable person
  • Having strong listening and interpretation skills
  • Having the ability to apply your knowledge to patients and real life situations

Psychology work is a growing field with a vast amount of fields to enter. Graduates with a Psychology degree who went on to pursue a career in clinical psychology, counseling, or school work counseling were reported to earn $64,140 in May 2008. The median annual earnings for graduates pursuing work in industrial organizational psychology were reported to be $77,010 (

Being active in guiding miserable people to heal themselves and lead happy, wholesome lives is one of the most rewarding privileges of psychologists. Earn your psychology degree and spread peace and happiness to all.

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