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What is a Public Safety and Security Degree?

Public Safety and Security

The world around you can be a very dangerous place. No one should be too afraid to leave to their home. How would you like to serve and protect your community? In public safety and security you can save lives and protect your community.

Public safety and security work in both private and public areas of communities. Professionals in the safety and security field often find jobs as:

  • Border patrol agents
  • Security officers
  • Security agents
  • Correctional officers

The duties of public safety and security include:

  • Responding to emergency calls and threats
  • Protecting citizens from crime, theft, fire, and natural disasters
  • Regulating traffic
  • Providing aid to victims

The most important role of public safety and security is to keep everyone safe in an emergency.

There are four main areas of public safety and security:

EMT: This specialty is responsible for responding to automobile accidents, drowning accidents or near drowning, poisoning, gun wounds, and other emergency incidents that require immediate care.

FIRE FIGHTER: Responds to emergencies to provide service in an attempt to save lives, save property, extinguish fires, and other similar emergencies.

LAW ENFORCEMENT: These professionals have training in investigation, crime prevention, drug enforcement, law and domestic disputes.

PRISON WORK: The duties in this field include screening prisoners, maintaining prisoners, observing prisoners, transporting prisoners, and dispatching or controlling in-made phone calls.

Public safety and security requires field work training, investigation, recruitment, weapon training, academy, and bicycle/motorcycle training. Public safety and security training can lead to a job as a police officer, detective work, captain chief, sergeant and lieutenant.

How can I get a Public Safety and Security Degree?

Honesty is very important in public safety and security work. It's also helpful to have basic knowledge of correctional procedures, geography of working area and country, experience with disciplining citizens, record keeping, and the ability to think and act quickly. Public safety and security need to be fair, yet firm.

To be employed in public safety and security, there are a variety of requirements. They include:

  • Passing a board of correction exam
  • Oral interview/exam
  • Background check
  • Both physical and psychological screenings
  • Training at an academy

It's typical for public safety and security jobs to be located in dangerous settings and commonly outdoors in all weather. Office work and driving around are also ordinary. Jobs in public safety and security often require 12-hour shifts. Public safety and security are susceptible to diseases, fire arms, gas, collapsing buildings, and other results of disasters.

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