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What is a Real Estate Degree?

Imagine you win the lottery jackpot tomorrow. What's the first thing you're going to buy? Our minds immediate go to a new flashy car, a new wardrobe, and, of course, a big house somewhere exotic. Well guess who you need to talk with to buy that mansion—a real estate agent.

Real estate agents are the people who manage the selling of residential properties. They can be either brokers or sales agents. Brokers and sales agents do the same type of work, but brokers can own their own business. A sales agent must find a broker to employ them in order to find work as a real estate agent.

Real estate agents and brokers both buy and sell residential properties for home owners and home seekers.  Homeowners find it more convenient and timely to have a real estate agent meet and show their home to prospective buyers while they're at work or while they're meeting other obligations.

How can I get a Real Estate Degree?

If you want to be a real estate agent in the future, your first step toward that goal is obtaining a degree.  For a real estate license, you must successfully complete the required coursework, which usually entails 90 classroom hours.  The necessary coursework includes:

  • Real estate broker pre-license topics
  • Pre-license applied principles
  • Passing score on the real estate broker examination

If you find employment as a real estate agent, much of your time will be spent touring properties to assess their value. You will have to know the neighborhood in which you are working. It is crucial for you to be able to price homes competitively. Knowing the value of other houses in the neighborhood will help you do just that.

To be successful as a real estate agent, you will need to have strong communication and interpersonal skills. Before showing homes, real estate agents meet with people who want to buy a house to assess their budget and needs. Good communication and interpersonal skills will be crucial for understanding your clients. For that same reason, it will be important for you to be mature and trustworthy. Customers must feel at ease with their agent when deciding on a home, which is one of the biggest purchases some people make in their entire lifetime.

Real estate agents work more than the standard 40-hour week. They generally work at their clients' convenience. The real estate industry is set to grow 14% by 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Services (BLS). The BLS also reports that brokers make $55,000 a year on average and sales agents make $40,000.

Earning your real estate license can help you earn a great living selling homes. Apply to be a real estate agent today.

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