Religion and Ministry Degrees

Careers in Religion and Ministry

What is a Religion and Ministry Degree?

Providing spiritual and moral support to others can be an empowering tool to spread good will and help others. If you feel yourself being pulled towards this path, an

applied ministry degree

can help guide you into your career.

Students completing an

applied ministry degree

should find they have developed the following skills before entering the workforce:

  • A command of theological texts
  • Proper administration of advice
  • Safeguarding confidential information
  • Guiding and aiding faith into action
Applied ministry degree programs are often tailored to specific roles in the later portion of the program. Some career opportunities graduates with an applied ministry degree can pursue include:
  • Ministry Deacon
  • Religious Scholar
  • Ministry Professor
  • Clergyman

How can I get a Religion and Ministry Degree?

Earning a bachelor's degree in applied ministry studies can help you become a member of the clergy or a counselor. As you earn your applied ministry degree, your coursework will include academic studies of world religions. There will be an emphasis on intellectual and spiritual growth. To prepare you to morally or spiritually support others during your career, coursework will develop your leadership and ministerial capacities by interpreting the scripture, exploring the roles of applied ministry, and learn to apply these studies through daily practice. Other required applied ministry courses include:
  • History
  • Religious culture
  • Liberal arts
  • Theology
  • History

Leading a life of faith while supporting other's spiritual journey is an awe-inspiring aspiration.  If you have leadership skills coupled with a passion to help and guide others, earning a degree in applied ministry can provide you with the skills you need to embark on that virtuous careerpath. Apply now!

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