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What is a Secondary Education Degree?

Think of your favorite teacher from high school. They may have been the first adult who didn't talk to you like a child. Or maybe they taught you something that changed your life. It could be that they were your coach for athletics. No matter what they did to stand out as someone special, have you ever thought about filling that role for students?

Earn a degree in Secondary Education to make it possible.

As a secondary education teacher, you will play an important role in the development of young adults. You will provide not only education but motivation and support. Students will rely on you to teach them about academic concepts in-depth, as well as, the world in general. You may have opportunities to teach your students about their future careers in addition to keeping up with students after graduation.

You will be responsible for planning your lessons, participating in parent-teacher conferences, overseeing study halls, accompanying students on field trips, and you may be required to attend teaching conferences or workshops.

How can I get a Secondary Education Degree?

To be a successful teacher, you must be patient, reliable, and enjoy working with teenagers. Noteworthy teachers are able to relate to students, understand their needs, and gain their trust. Also, you will have to receive a degree in education and become licensed. The licensing process differs from state to state, but it will most likely consist of a brief apprenticeship and an examination. Optional secondary education certification through The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards will increase your opportunities and potential salary.

Careers in secondary education are expected to grow at the average rate for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Services. However, funding has increased for education at the Federal level, so those numbers are subject to change. Job opportunities should be better in urban areas. Secondary education teachers make around $53,000 annually, with top performers making upwards of $83,000.

Apply to be a secondary education teacher now and help build the next generation of students.

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