Skilled Trades

Careers in Skilled Trades

What is a Skilled Trades Degree?

Skilled Trade programs are a practical way toward a useful career. They can help you learn a skill that will help others while earning a steady paycheck. Skilled Trade school can lead to many different careers including: aviation, construction trades, telecommunications technology and transportation dispatch. Skilled trade programs typically take one year to complete, depending on how much time you have to devote to school. Some skilled trade schools will offer accelerated programs for students who have the time and inclination to move through quickly. Other programs meet less frequently, accommodating those students who have to balance their education with other commitments like work and family.

How can I get a Skilled Trades Degree?

The first step is to decide which skilled trade program you wish to pursue-what do you want to do? Talking to people in that specific career to understand what it is like to work in that field, may be helpful in making your choice. If you haven't already spent time with people who have worked in those jobs, then choose a few skilled trade programs that accommodate your schedule, and visit.

What are my career options?

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