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What is a Social Science Degree?

The social sciences are comprised of a wide range of fields. Anyone holding degrees in sociology, anthropology, psychology, political science, and economics, for instance (just to name a few) could claim to hold a degree in the social sciences. Succinctly, social sciences are disciplines that analyze, study and refine the framework that holds up society.

The social sciences are significantly more fluid and dynamic than the natural sciences (chemistry, physics, etc.) and often find themselves on the front-lines of current events. Social scientists, from economists to public administrators to political consultants play a prominent role in shaping our world.

Regardless of the discipline you select—geography, history, linguistics, etc.—an education in the social sciences will provide you with a fascinating lens to view the man-made world around you. Consider a news story on the apprehension of a fraudulent bank regulator. An individual with a degree in public policy & administration will consider the policy implications of the perpetrator's crimes and what those implications should mean for the formulation and interpretation of future laws and protocols. At the same time, someone holding a degree in economics can view the same case and consider the implications of a faltering regulatory agency on regional and national commerce. Sociologists and criminologists on the other hand will be able to speculate on the motivations of such an individual and how the incident speaks to trends in society at large. Further still, an individual who earned a degree in political science will be able to study the same news story and formulate the incident's implications on that year's elections, while an individual trained in the study of history will be able to compare and contrast the event with similar crimes in the nation's financial history.

How can I get a Social Science Degree?

Through earning a degree in the social sciences, you can demonstrate an expert and engaged way of thinking and interpreting the world around you. This is not only marketable in demonstrating your worth as an employee, but a valuable skill that you will enjoy throughout your life. You can earn a degree in the social sciences in a variety of ways. Most college and universities offer degrees in the social sciences either online or in the traditional classroom setting. Explore different colleges and universities and their programs in the social sciences so that you receive an education that you'll enjoy. Depending on the college and university you choose will determine your curriculum. Research different programs to be sure that the curriculum fits your educational needs. Once you've chosen a school and program in the social sciences it'll be time to begin your new educational journey.

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