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What is a Sociology Degree?

Are you curious about the different aspects of society? Do your passions include anything from politics, science, culture, health, or religion? With a degree in Sociology you can research, analyze, teach, or even raise awareness of your interests. Every aspect of human existence can be related to sociology, so there is a large range of occupational possibilities.

A Sociologist may chose an occupation as a market analysis, a writer, a teacher or professor, a researcher, or even hold a government job. In fact 63% of sociologists work for the federal government ( Sociologists mainly study the relations and interactions of society. This can stem out to social trends, social organization, gender relations, economy, media, politics, race, and religion. Some specialties for sociology include gender relations, criminology, social organization, or criminology.
Depending on the area of sociology you chose to go into and if you find employment, your responsibilities may include:
  • Conducting research
  • Writing articles
  • Reporting your findings
  • Analyzing results
  • Interpreting government policies
  • Creating theories
  • Informing the public of your ideas
A person with a sociology degree usually works a regular 40-hour week. A sociologist has a pleasant work environment either at a desk or doing fieldwork in different environments. Sociologists must be able to adapt to the different environments they research. Sociologists may work alone but also need to work well with a group.
Sociologists must obtain skills in research, statistics, computers, writing, as well as communication skills and creative abilities. Since there is competition for sociology jobs, as in most fields, an internship can greatly improve your chances of finding the job suited for you. Also, conducting surveys and interviews, writing research papers and reports, or becoming an assistant of a sociologist will further improve your future success. When going into the sociology field, you must have a great social curiosity about people, places, things, and interactions.
A Bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement for sociology. With a Bachelor's in sociology you can pursue a job as a market analysis, a writer, a research assistant, and other entry level positions. However, obtaining a higher degree will put you in a position for the majority of careers in this field. With a Ph. D you can become a sociology teacher at a college or university.
The outlook for sociology work is on the rise and many openings will be available from retirees. There is a great deal of competition so the higher your education, the greater your odds will be. In May 2008 the median salary was between $51,110-$92,220 (
The field of sociology is always changing and growing, so make your mark on society with your own ideas.

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