System Administration Degrees

Careers in System Administration

What is a System Administration Degree?

When a computer-related problem arises, does everyone come to you for help? If so, why not learn even more about computer systems by earning a degree in system administration! Your family and friends would love to take advantage of the new skills you'll learn, plus you could have the opportunity to work as a system administrator, which would mean you would manage a whole network of computers.

The work environment for system administrators is usually in an office, typically 40 hours a week. But some system administrators may work longer hours or be on call if a problem arises.

So, how do you know if a career in system administration would be the right fit for you? You should have skills in certain areas such as problem solving. An understanding of troubleshooting and operating systems is a plus before earning a degree in system administration.

How can I get a System Administration Degree?

There are various bachelor's degrees that you could receive to possibly become a system administrator. Degrees in system administration, computer science, information science, and management information systems are all common degrees professional system administrators receive. And what about the courses you'll take to get the degree? Finance, Database Management, and Accounting are all courses that an aspiring system administrator would take. And because communication skills are also important in the system administration field, most programs also require courses in English and Communications to complete the degree.

Apply today to earn your degree in system administration, and increase your knowledge on how computers operate!

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